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Football Vertical 

Our Football Leaders
& Guidance Coaches

Zack Barlow - Texas 

Vertical Investing Partner & Strategic Alliance

As the leader in sports management software, our sports management division and technology divison is introducing The Member Traxx Software Systems in the Summer of 2024. 

We are currently on search for business leaders in FOOTBALL to join our vision and become a Vertical Investing Partner or VIP. Our VIPs will receive our Member Traxx Sports Management Platform and Fast Traxx Tech Plan. They will also receive our ultimate success plan, which includes our guidance, coaching, support and expertise with the software and in sports business management & programing.    

As a VIP they would be involved in the development of FOOTBALL TRAXX and our basketball software suite. The FOOTBALL VIP would receive residuals off the FOOTBALL TRAXX Subscriptions, as well as our preferred payment processing plans that will save you thousands.

This is a unique opportunity for the business minded and visionary, who wants to be the best in their vertical, while saving and making more money, with our time tested tools and resources.

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