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Member TRAXX Software Solutions

Create > Capture > Collect > Connect

Member Traxx allows any group, team, facility, organization or business to flourish. Traxx allows your customers to easily join or sign-in, register, purchase and manage their accounts. Groups use many of the same tools. However, each group, event and sport has unique elements that require adjustments to their business software solutions. What makes Member Traxx standout is our flexibility to cater to all different groups, as well as our understanding of the unique requirements in each vertical or sport. ​ ​​

We make it simple to manage your members, money and overall business.


Teams & Groups
Clubs & Businesses
Sports Memberships

Event Coordinators

Instructor TRAXX


Funding TRAXX



Small Buisness

Group, Product & Service

Build and offer any type of group, product or service. From private lessons to teams classes and memberships, we give you the ability to create, capture, collect and connect.

Create any type of offering

Create multiple payment options

Collect money & data 

Connect it to schedules, reports & your members

Communicate to members 

Registration & Payment

With simple & flexible registration we can assist with any team, facility or organization. We offer easy ways to collect and manage your financials while customers pick the right purchase options that work for them.​

Group & Team Registrations

Membership Registrations

Fundraising & Donations  

Single Events & Outings

Create Custom Purchase Options

Easy Sign-Up & Payment Process 

Secure & Safe 

Customer Capture

Easily capture and track your customer from begigng to end. Each user gets the proper permissions to help operate your business more efficiently.

Easy Sign-In & Registrations    

Create Custom Data Collections 

Member Searches & Filters   

Member Reporting 

Stay Connected & Communicate  

Member Feedback Features

Player Lockers



With flexible scheduling, we assist with any team, facility or organization an easy way to schedule customers with many options and features.


Easy & Quick Creation 

Automated & Credit Based Sign-Ups 

Multiple Views 

Waitlist and Flexible Cancellation

Calendar Syncs

Connected to Auto Communications



Traxx gives site administrators and users the communication tools they need plus the ability to apply any number of filters to help organize data & communicate easily. 

Notifications & Feedback

Automated Email & Text Notifications

Custom Email Templates

Group Messaging

Automated Event Changes

Invitations & Alerts

Reporting & Data

Traxx makes it easy to navigate & find information that will help you & your staff pull the data needed to manage your business. Player Traxx provides members with their own Media Locker/Libraby 

Attendance Traxx

Spread Sheet Creation 

Customizable Feedback

Create custom Stats/Scores/Results 

Track Members & Group Performance

Member TRAXX Pricing

Group & Event

$9 / month / group


$49 / month


$149 / month


$249 / month


FLEXX will assist in the set-up along with continuous support from your Flexx GM. This will provide a successful and profitable processes that are right for your businesses development, advancement and growth. 

Starting at $499 per month

Custom Fast TRAXX

This is a customizable plan built around your businesses needs, visions, budgets and overall success with development, advancement and growth.

Custom pricing per month

 Flexx takes pride in helping others with efficient business practices, in order to keep their coaches, teachers and instructors on the playing surfaces and in the classrooms with their members.  With our wisdom and background on registration processes, member management tools, scheduling, and communication systems, your business will become more efficient and profitable with our direction.

Our knowledge and background on group management platforms is bar none. We have been involved in building many platforms for our own use and for others who need custom features. We can teach you how to save with your current platforms, provide you with a better solution, or build you your own environment. We can save you thousands of dollars a year by providing direction and showing you multiple processes and techniques that will make you and your business flourish.

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