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"Providing direction in group management and software solutions"

Who We Are

FLEXX is a company of teachers, coaches, trainers, & athletes. More importantly we're competitors who are driven by helping others.


Our Beginning

We began with helping athletes on the playing surfaces and in the training rooms. We then expanded, by providing athletes and their families with direction, to help them reach their goals. On this journey, we learned to help the instructors and administrators run more successful coaching & business practices.

We take pride in coaching, guiding, consulting and sharing our numerous processes, experiences, success stories & more importantly our failures. We are select in who we work with, as we are driven to work with those who have our aligned visions and CORE passions of helping others succeed.




We have over 30 years of experience in developing group management organizations, facilities and software platforms, as well as with creating player development and advancement programs. We have coached and provided direction to many teams and organizations, as well as over 1000 assist to individual athletes and their families on their college and professional career paths.


Who We Can Help

The FLEXX Group Management Firm provides direction for players, families, sports teams, clubs, coaches, programmers, fitness studios, trainers, sports facilities, sports organizations, churches, programmers, event and schedule coordinators. In other words anyone who manages and coordinates GROUPS.


Group Management Software Solutions 

We have created and been involved in the development of many group management software platforms including Sport Engine, Flocking Software Technologies, Dark Horse Athletics & GEMS UP. We are excited to be involved in a new group management platform, which will be available to the public in the Spring of 2024. We take pride in knowing what solutions will work best for you and your business practices.  


Joy in the Truth & The Word 

We take Joy in Truth and Joy in The Word. Our hope is that our faith and love for Truth & The Word will spread through all those we have the ability to share our gifts with. We are a truly blessed group who is well TESTED, with many experiences in group management. We are now called to share with others, and help direct those who have ears and the vision to become great at leading their groups and businesses.

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