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Cared4 4Life has contracted out Flexx Golf to help host 4FUN-Raisers this summer at the White Eagle Golf Club. 











Who is Cared4 4Life? 

Cared4 is an organization who takes pride in helping families and organizations by keeping their cause in front of their communities. 

Unlike other crowd funding platforms, Cared4 builds a relationship with our families and organizations.

Cared4 encourages their support specialist to create a caring, loving and long term relationship with their verified families and organizations.

Cared4 also host new and unique FUN-Raisers for their families and organizations. This provides more funds and awareness for each family and charity.   

Tuesday, Aug 31 @ White Eagle

 Tuesday, July 27 @ White Eagle

 Sunday, Sept 26  @ White Eagle

Playing & Caring            Causes

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logo for slicks 3.png

Lend A Sporting Hand
Bloomington Sports & Education Programs

Lend A Sporting Hand
Hudson & River Falls Area Sports & Education Programs

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Tuesday, June 29 @ WhiteEagle 

Great Experience

Golfer Benefits

  • Golfers can compete as a team & or as an individual 

  • Double Up Outing (DUO GOLF) format with more ways to win and more ways to compete

  • Players of all levels have an opportunity to win  

  • Opportunities to win major prizes & Double Up your entry 

  • Unique staff with Flight Attendants & Pilots taking groups out to ensure fun, fair & exciting play

  • Leaderboard, prizes, awards, and great overall experience 

  • Optional Tournaments & Play

  • Play own ball  (morning tournament) 

  • Play 2 Person team scramble (afternoon tournament)

  •   Charitable outings 

  • Play 18 holes,cart, driving range & contest 

  • Pre & post mixers with games, entertainment & fun 

  • Team & individual scores tracked by unique staff  

  • Incredible experience with fun staff including flight attendants, pilots, golf butlers & concierges

Morning traditional play includes players playing their own ball with Tee-Times starting at 7 to 9am. 

2 person team scramble tee-times generally start between 11:00am to 2:30pm.


Competitive Play Ways To Win:

Stroke Play        

High Points   

DUO Score           

Individual High Points  

Social Play Scores:

Best Team/Group Outfits     

Best Fun Raisers      

Best Fundraisers            

Most Polite & Generous  

Low Stroke Benchmarks:

Level 4:   -4 under to -18 under         

Level 3:   +4 over to -4 under    

Level 2:   +10 over to +4 over           

Level 1:   Over +10   

Win the seat in the Golf Throne with the overall best DUO competitive and social score   


Current Leaderboards

June 29th Outing THRONE Winners 

April Results at Troy Burne