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Explore an opportunity of empowerment and personal fulfillment that integrates your passion for providing direction, coaching, teaching, motivating and cultivating others in sports, education and faith. We invite you to learn about the many opportunities with the Flexx Group Management Firm.



The Flexx Group Management Firm is launching a unique opportunity for business leaders in each vertical or sport. We have provided direction to many sports businesses & organizations, as we lead the way in player development and advancement.


We started in Minnesota with creating the top hockey brands and models in the state. Those brands continue to thrive, as we now assist others in growing their group, team, association, organization or sports businesses.


With our new group management partners in place we are excited to announce our Vertical Strategy. We are actively on search to find a Vertical Specialist & Vertical Partners in each sport.


We are looking for one visionary leader in each sport, who is also a leader in their vertical. Each leader will become a strategic alliance and will be empowered with our Firm's vast resources, experiences, processes, playbooks & software management tools.


Note: We are also in search of a strategic alliance with a preferred payment processing group.  


With our new Group Management Software Platform ready for users in the Spring in 2024, we are currently looking for leaders who would like to grow and advance their business with our support.


Our vertical partners will be provided with our software and our business support, along with the ability to assist us in developing specific software features and functions that will help their business flourish.


This is a paid position for someone who has a strong network & is well versed in the practices of a specific area of business. There is no investment required. This person would become a broker or contractor with/for Flexx GM Firm. This person would receive the ability to become a reseller of all Flexx Group Management products and services.


This is a current business or organizational leader. A businesses leader who has vision, a strong brand concept and is well versed in the practices of a specific area of business. We are in search of a sports business who is looking to develop, advance, grow and invest in their own business. Each VIP will be involved in a strategic alliance with other leaders, and will receive the full attention of our Firm's professional services and support, as well as the ability to receive royalties on software sales in their specific sport. 

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