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FHIT & MAP Hockey

Business Creation & Brand Development

Jason Berg is the founder of Flexx SportEd. After building over 10 sports and education businesses, including 4 of the top hockey brands in Minnesota Jason decided to provide direction to others. As the creator of FHIT Hockey, MAP Hockey & Impact Hockey, Jason started the concept and philosophy of helping athletes and students with development and advancement on a flexible and continuous schedule. Jason's innovative ways in managing the businesses lead the way for many of the key features used in developing and advancing students and athletes. Flexx SportEd takes pride that FHIT Hockey, MAP Hockey & Impact Hockey brands remain strong player development businesses in the hockey space. Flexx SportEd continues to support these businesses through the technology and business practices we developed,

Other customers in this vertical:

Delaney Hockey, Heartland Hockey Camps, F1 Hockey, Hudson Hockey Association, HHD Hockey & more.   


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