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Our Founder, Jason Berg, developed Flexx on a simple vision, to provide athletes with direction. The first step was to build a a concept around free will and a flexible training schedule. A setting where athletes could thrive in a atmosphere they enjoyed and were encouraged to learn and push themselves on their own time.


​His vision and purpose was to provide athletes with their own personalized development and advancement plan of their own. In 2002 Berg did just that. He created many brands including MAP Hockey (My Advancement Program - AKA Minnesota Advancement Program). He also developed FHIT Hockey (Flex Hours Institute of Training), as well as the co-founder of Impact Hockey.​ His vision to not have any influence of political and governing parties in order to develop build a truly unique player development and advancement membership program. His vision was to build a hockey club setting for hockey players, much like golf clubs, all without being forced to operate teams.


It was a battle but with great strategic partnerships with other visionaries like the St Thomas Ice Arena, St. Thomas Academy & St. Thomas University, as well as The National Sports Center & The Herb Brooks Training Center, together we built the foundation for the MAP & FHIT Hockey. A great thanks goes out to Tom Vannelli and Pete Carlson who also could see the vision. 20 years later MAP Hockey is still running strong due to their works, along with the vision of Justin Johnson.  ​


Software Solutions through Bergie's journey and creations he developed his own software platforms to operate his businesses and help athletes in their development, advancement and player recruitment needs. Berg was involved and partnered with Sport Ngin (Now Sports Engine) as they worked on building a sports training system together. After many failed attempts with Sport Ngin, Berg built his own software company and SaaS platform.

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