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Flexx provides group managment businesses and users with direction and with their software needs. We take pride in understanding the different Group Management Software Solutions. We as a group have developed, used, experienced or learned most sport and group management solutions.

Through our experience and journey of failures and great success, we are now excited to be able to offer our knowledge to others who are looking for the best solutions to manage their business.  

Our Experience

Due to our experience and success in building and operating large sports businesses, facilities and clubs, we have developed or have been a part of many software platforms including Sports Engine, Gems Up, Flocking Software and Dark Horse Tech only to name a few. 

Our Direction

We are excited to now be able to coach and consult others, who are looking to be leaders in their sport or space. Flexx has aligned with a visionary software solutions provider to develop a new flexible and efficient platform that will allow leaders in the sport and group management worlds to flourish.    



Group Management Solutions  


With simple & flexible registration we can  assist with any team, facility or organization. We offer easy ways to collect and manage your financials while customers pick the right purchase options that work for them.​

  • Sport 

  • Class

  • Social 


Build and offer any type of group, product or service. From private lessons to teams classes and memberships, we give you the ability to 4C (create, collect, connect, communicate)   

  • Sports Traxx

  • Instructor Traxx

  • Funding Traxx

  • Social Traxx

  • Church Traxx

Coaching & Video Solutions  


Information Coming Soon 


Information Coming Soon 

Scheduling Solutions  

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Group & Event Traxx

$9 per month - per group

Advanced Traxx

$49 per month

Business Traxx

$149 per month

Company Traxx

$249 per month

FAST Traxx
(Flexx Assist & Support Team Traxx)   

FLEXX will assist in the set-up along with continuous support from your Flexx GM. This will provide a successful and profitable processes that are right for your businesses development, advancement and growth. 

Starting at $499 per month

Customizable FAST Traxx   

This is a customizable plan built around your businesses needs, visions, budgets and overall success with development, advancement and growth.

Custom pricing per month


Flexx takes pride in helping others with efficient business practices, in order to keep their coaches, teachers and instructors on the playing surfaces and in the classrooms with their members.  With our wisdom and background on registration processes, member management tools, scheduling, and communication systems, your business will become more efficient and profitable with our direction.

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