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Flexx SportEd

Flexx SportEd Overview

Flexx SportEd is a company of teachers, coaches, trainers, & athletes. More importantly, we’re competitors who are driven by helping others.


Providing Direction

“Providing Direction in Group Management & Software Solutions”


The Summary

Flexx SportEd is home of two main divisions. The original division is based on group management and member development services. We develop, consult, and assist sports facilities, schools, and any group looking to grow their business. The complementary division is based on providing software solutions and services to those looking to run more efficient teams, organizations and businesses.

Our goal is to provide direction to groups in the sports and education industry with the resources and tools needed to manage facilities and groups in the sport, education and social spaces. With over twenty (20) years of experience in building events, member development programs and sports management businesses, we are proud to offer our resources, services and products to the sports, education and social world.




Flexx Sported - 1610 Maxwell Drive, Suite 240 - Hudson, Wisconsin - O) 715-808-9556 C)612-328-4771

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